We Are All Satoshi. We Are All Cool as Crypto.

Cool as Crypto™

No One is cooler and more fun than a Full Moon Satoshi... 

  • About Cool as Crypto™

    Cool as Crypto is the intellectual property of JavaCrypts®, and licensed by Alt&Decrypted™. Both brands are fully owned and operated by Satoshi District™ LLC, a Florida-based limited liability company located in Miami. Featured in the JavaCrypts logo, Cool as Crypto products will also be available for purchase at JavaCrypts and select retailers.

    JavaCrypts Website 
  • About Decrypt De Classic™

    Trendy comfort wear for the crypto enthusiast within. Alt & Decrypted's classic line is featured as part of our soft introductory product launch. As we continue to develop our brand strategy for this collection, our company is focused on building a vertical supply chain that can support both our online and future brick-and-mortar merchandising initiatives.

  • Fighting for A Cause

    Our Revolt Voyager™ Sportswear Collection will be launched next Summer with each unit resulting in a $10 donation to a specified cause - breast and lung cancer, ALS, rare diseases, and more. Revolt Voyager is an NFT platform and video game franchise, and Alt&Decypted will be the exclusive merchandiser of the clothing line. While waiting for this exclusive sportswear collection, you can still purchase a Revolt Voyager Champion Sweatshirt today!

    Revolt Voyager Website